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What Forms of Medical Marijuana Are Available in Ohio?

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Ohio ever since it was passed into law in 2016. This means that if you suffer from a qualifying condition, you can legally use cannabis to treat your symptoms. Despite this, there are still many people who don’t know how to get started with medical marijuana […]

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Have to be Stressful – Ask These 10 Questions First

Though it felt like we’d NEVER get here, we managed to kiss 2020 goodbye! Hello, 2021! If you’re anything like the Releaf Health Clinic team, you’re making plans to start the new year off on the right foot. One of the first steps, for many, is setting positive and healthy New Year’s resolutions. Need some […]

Ohio Medical Marijuana To Add Anxiety

Ohio Medical Marijuana Gets Another Chance to Add Anxiety to Its List of ‘Approved Conditions’

Ohio Medical Marijuana To Add Anxiety If you’ve ever wondered why anxiety is not on Ohio’s list of approved conditions for taking medical marijuana, you’re not alone. A 2017 national survey reveals that 81% of people believe that medical cannabis has one or more health benefits! And almost half of the respondents listed anxiety, stress, […]

Approved for a Medical Marijuana Card

What’s Approved for a Medical Marijuana Card? How Can You Add Conditions? Read On…

Are you approved for a medical marijuana card? You probably already know that medical marijuana (MM) has been legal in Ohio since 2016. At this time, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy launched the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP) thanks to the passing of Ohio House Bill 523. Today’s 21 medical conditions are approved for […]

Today, there's a growing body of evidence supporting medical marijuana's (MM) potential to improve patients' quality of life.

Thinking About a Medical Marijuana Card? Know the Rules First

Today, there’s a growing body of evidence supporting medical marijuana’s (MM) potential to improve patients’ quality of life. For those suffering from serious conditions – Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, PTSD, Parkinson’s, MS, and more – medical marijuana may be a natural therapy that works in tandem with standardized medicines. Many find that combining certified […]

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Quality Comes When You Love Your Job!

Check out this awesome review of our Medical Marijuana Clinic from DopeBI……. With over a hundred options within the city limits of Columbus, OH… a decision on which physician with a Certificate To Recommend I could trust was going to be difficult. I had to narrow it down. My daily bicycle commute takes me along […]

How Medical Marijuana Can Help PTSD

How Ohio Medical Marijuana Can Help PTSD

PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Cannabis can help post-traumatic stress has been known for decades. THC can help alleviate PTSD symptoms by exerting a calming influence and reducing nightmares. Cannabidiol’s anti-anxiety effects can help PTSD sufferers by reducing traumatic and intrusive thought Reductions in Circulating Endocannabinoid Levels in Individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Following Exposure […]

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Chronic Pain

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Chronic or Intractable Pain

Chronic Pain or Intractable Pain NAS 2017 Report: There is substantial evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) has a clinically important role in mediation of pain, spasticity, and seizure threshold, among other effects and marijuana has various analgesic components: THC, CBD, terpenoids, and caryophyllene. Cannabis […]

How Medical Marijuana Can Help PTSD

How Medical Marijuana Studies Have Shown To Help Cancer

Cancer Cannabis has an antiemetic effect in allaying nausea associated with chemotherapy. Patients may get a better result from cannabis over synthetic THC without as many side effects because of the additional compounds in cannabis. Cannabis works well in instances of anticipatory nausea. Cannabis is effective in treating the pain associated with cancer. Cannabis’s effectiveness […]