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With over a hundred options within the city limits of Columbus, OH… a decision on which physician with a Certificate To Recommend I could trust was going to be difficult. I had to narrow it down.

My daily bicycle commute takes me along an efficient path from the NW side of Columbus into the heart of downtown. My research had led me to a qualified physician’s office along the way.

I was greeted by a lovely, simple and professional atmosphere that mirrored the qualities of the staff. Minimal, efficient & clean.

Dr. Oza stepped from his office to greet me while his team assisted other patients. Kindly asking if I were scheduled to see him, he guided me to a quaint and modern examination room where I was seated at a small desk. While Dr. Oza reviewed my medical records I read through all proper waivers, disclaimers, and pertinent information about the medical marijuana program in Ohio. The information was presented to me digitally on an IPad that was easy to navigate and prevented a wasteful paper chase.

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