The Most Trusted Card Provider for Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Our Experienced team has been here since day one! Releaf Health Clinic actually entered the first patient in the medical marijuana Ohio registry on December 3, 2018. Since then, we have become the most trusted medical marijuana card provider in the Springfield and Columbus areas. Our goal is to give you confidence on your journey towards relief with medicinal cannabis.

About Releaf Health Clinic

We know getting your medical marijuana card online can seem overwhelming, but our experienced team and board-certified Ohio medical marijuana doctor streamline the process. After attending a simple telemedicine appointment from your computer or phone, you can download your card.

Our service doesn’t stop after you have your cannabis card; we provide support, compassion, and:

• Help to find Ohio dispensaries near you
• Educational resources
• Customer service six days a week via phone or text

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Meet our Board certified Medical Marijuana Doctor:

Dr. Amish OZA

Dr. Amish Oza is a Board Certified Family physician with extensive experience in treating a variety of chronic medical conditions. His clinical interests include hospital medicine, critical care, addiction medicine and geriatric medicine.

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Releaf Health Locations

Please note: All consultations are done via telemedicine calls. We do not do in-person consultations. If you have questions about the process or telemedicine calls, please check out our FAQ here.


1201 Dublin Rd #172 Columbus, OH 43215

CALL/ TEXT: (614) 437-8382

FAX: (614) 388-9344


Heidi Rayburn

Love the entire staff! Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They will help you with everything from obtaining medical records to support in getting your card to dispensary information to payment plans! I have been going here for over 3 years and each time has been quick, easy, hassle free and convenient! Would definitely recommend!


3150 El Camino Dr Springfield, OH 45503

CALL/ TEXT: (614) 437-8382

FAX: (614) 388-9344


Rachel Rotilio

I have been a patient of this clinic since they opened and I have never had any problems! They are prompt, organized and they follow up in a timely manner! Everyone I have spoken to on the phone has been kind and courteous, the customer service is just amazing. Highly recommend