About Us


“To treat each patient like it is your own family”

Dr. Amish Oza is a Board Certified Family physician with extensive experience in treating a variety of chronic medical conditions. His clinical interests include hospital medicine, critical care, addiction medicine and geriatric medicine.

Dr. Oza graduated from The Ohio State University and has been practicing as a hospital physician for the past 9 years. Over the past several years he has witnessed first hand the opioid crisis unfolding in ERs, hospitals and and ICUs across the greater Columbus area and its neighborhoods. The struggles of his patients battling opioid addiction led Dr. Oza to open a buprenorphine (Subaxone) clinic in 2017 to offer these patients a path to improve their quality of life. His keen interest in the field of addiction medicine and subsequent review of current medical literature in this field has led him to believe that cannabis presents a unique holistic solution to chronic pain. This is especially true for some types of chronic non-malignant pain that does not respond to opioids.

ReLeaf Health firmly believes that integrating evidence based standardized medicine with cannabis medicine is much more holistic approach to chronic pain management that can greatly help patients improve their quality of life. It is out of this belief that Releaf was born. Dr. Oza’s mission is to provide holistic care and access to cannabis medication to those that are most in need of it.

"Great location, comfortable atmosphere and a wonderful team! Everyone at ReLeaf Health Clinic was extremely welcoming and helped make the process of getting a medical marijuana card simple and understandable. I highly recommend this office."
- Jenna Dunlap
"Dr. Oza and his Releaf Team did a great job. Their space is very comfortable and private. Nolan was very professional and explained all the procedures in depth. Dr. Oza is very knowledgeable in the medical landscape and answered all my questions. Great experience. Thanks Releaf."
- Brendan McCurdy
"Spoke to a young lady named Sheetal on the phone today to get some info. She was so kind and helpful. I will be scheduling an appointment here soon. Great customer service so far thanks!"