New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Have to be Stressful – Ask These 10 Questions First

Though it felt like we’d NEVER get here, we managed to kiss 2020 goodbye! Hello, 2021! If you’re anything like the Releaf Health Clinic team, you’re making plans to start the new year off on the right foot. One of the first steps, for many, is setting positive and healthy New Year’s resolutions. Need some inspiration? Experts suggest trying to think out-side-the box, beyond diet-and-exercise type goals. They also recommend making resolutions that are specific, measurable, and time-specific. Oh, and one more important tip – keep your expectations realistic! 

That’s because when we try to accomplish too much too fast, we tend to get overwhelmed. Psychologists say that while goals that push us beyond our comfort zone are sometimes useful, it’s smarter to set goals based on resources we already have. Studies show our brains don’t get that excited about making abrupt and swift about-face type changes to our habits. Go figure, right? Instead, here are 10 questions to get you thinking.

Ask yourself – 

  1. Why are you trying to achieve this goal? Do you want it? Or is it something you ‘feel’ like you should do? 
  2. What’s the feeling you’re trying to capture? Will the resolution get you closer to that?
  3. What internal resources do you already possess that will help you achieve your goal? 
  4. What would make you happiest to achieve? 
  5. Would you recommend this resolution to a friend or family member? 
  6. Is there something positive you could start? Instead of giving something up? 
  7. Is there something you could do to bring yourself more peace? 
  8. What brings you the most joy, and how will you do more of that in 2021?
  9. Is there something you could do to take better care of yourself? 
  10. How will this resolution impact you in one year? Or five years? 

Be kind to yourself – prioritize your mind, body, and spirit 

At Releaf Health, we also believe it’s vital to be kind to yourself when setting goals! Our team also strongly believes that part of that process should involve prioritizing your body, mind, and spirit. One positive step for many Ohioans is exploring the potential life-changing benefits of medical marijuana (MM). According to Harvard, the most common use of medical marijuana is controlling and managing pain. Other common uses for MM are reducing anxiety, managing nausea caused by some cancer treatments, or to treat glaucoma. In Ohio, there are 21 medical conditions approved for treatment with medical marijuana. The list spans everything from AIDS and Alzheimer’s to HIV, PTSD, and much more

Take care of yourself first 

The truth is, New Year’s resolutions don’t fail from a lack of willpower. Instead, psychologists tell us that individuals need to commit to changing for the right reasons. Experts recommend weighing the pros and cons of making life changes, compared to keeping the status quo. At Releaf Health Clinic, we encourage you to make 2021 great and to take care of yourself first! If you’d like to learn more about medical marijuana in Ohio, please email or call us. We have doctors ready to answer your questions and help you see if you qualify for a medical marijuana card. We also have a telemedicine program that’s simple, fast, and highly secure. Schedule your appointment today! Get on your path to becoming the healthiest and happiest you possible this year. Let’s rock n’ roll, people!

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