Sleep, Appetite, and Marijuana - What You Should Know!

Sleep, Appetite, and Medical Marijuana – What You Should Know!

By now, if you haven’t checked out our Instagram feed, you are missing out on some valuable information about medical marijuana, CBD, and everything in between. Our physician who also happens to runs the entire page, Dr. Oza, enjoys having the audience interact by guessing what they believe the correct answer is to each question that is posted. Then after a few hours pass by, he posts the answer with a brief tidbit of information as to why. This week’s edition focused on the effects of marijuana when it comes to your sleep and appetite. Take a look below at what you can expect.

NOTE: The first five (5) pictures you see below will have the percentages of what people guessed. The next five (5) will be the correct answers. I can assure you, people who guess aren’t always right.

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