Medical Marijuana on the Rise

Medicinal science is an ever growing and evolving field. As we learn more about the human body and its nuances, new and effective treatments are always being discovered. And it’s no secret that, over the last several decades, the use of medical marijuana (cannabis) is one the most controversial and misunderstood. What do we need to know?

First, there is a reason that cannabis is being decriminalized and more widely used medicinally around the country. According to a 2017 Harvard study, around 85% of the population now supports the legalization of medical marijuana.

And with good reason. This same health study has shown little to no long-term risks with cannabis. Cognitive function skills have shown no signs of decline, while attention span and time management even improved.

But it’s the long list of relief benefits that patients care the most about. And long gone are the days where the plant would be inhaled as smoke, typically to relieve something like glaucoma. Of course, inhalation is still an option and glaucoma is still a treatable ailment. However, in addition, cannabis is now used to treat a variety of things, such as:

-chronic pain







-other adverse effects to chemotherapy

-and many others

It also may be administered in many less invasive forms, from capsules to edibles to tea — and it doesn’t not necessarily need to contain the compound THC, which creates the dizzying “high” long-time associated with marijuana.

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