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Dosing Tips for New Cannabis Users

About 3.6 million Americans use medical cannabis in the United States alone. You can buy medical marijuana in Ohio, West Virginia, and 37 other states.

Taking the correct cannabis dosage is paramount to seeing the results you want. If trying cannabis or a new form of cannabis for the first time, you need to understand the differences in dose.

Keep reading to learn about the effects of cannabis and how you can dose responsibly.

Using the Wrong Cannabis Dose

When dosing for cannabis, remember that less is more. If you take an insufficient dose of cannabis, you will not receive your desired outcome. Taking too much cannabis is more consequential, as you’ll experience unpleasant side effects.

Effects of Wrong Cannabis Dose

If you’ve taken the wrong cannabis dose, don’t panic. A cannabis overdose is not fatal, but it also isn’t fun.

A first-time cannabis user has no drug tolerance, so you cannot take as much as an experienced user.

If you take or inhale too much cannabis, you may become fatigued. Cannabis can affect blood pressure as well, causing it to drop. As you build THC tolerance, your blood pressure should stabilize.

New cannabis users may also experience an increase in heart rate. Monitor rapid heartbeats in cannabis users with heart conditions.

Increased heart rate can propel the user into a state of anxiety or cause a panic attack. Although you are not in danger, THC distorts your perception and can cause paranoia. Take deep breaths and try to sleep if you experience this after a cannabis dose.

Taking the Right Cannabis Dose

You can ensure you receive the benefits of cannabis by taking the right dose. Your optimal cannabis dose is unique to you. Your diet, hormone levels, and health conditions are a few factors to consider.

Dosage practices differ according to the form of cannabis you use. Your body will absorb THC differently if you smoke it instead of eating it, for example. It will take longer to feel the effects of cannabis depending on how it enters your bloodstream.

Begin by taking cannabis about two hours before bed and record your dosage amount. Always buy your cannabis from a dispensary to ensure proper dosage and safety.

Cannabis Vapes

If you’re a cannabis user that is averse to smoking, vaping may be a better option. Vaping does not produce the same harmful components of burning material.

The recommended dose for vaping is the same as smoking: one inhalation per 15 minutes.

Vaping will provide the fast-acting benefits of inhalation, but it does have drawbacks. Research on vaping is still ongoing, so many of its long-term health effects are unknown.

Vaping also produces a more intense reaction in first-time and infrequent cannabis users. You are more likely to experience adverse side effects, so the correct dose is critical.

If you’re a first-time cannabis user, consider other forms of cannabis before vaping.

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles come in various forms, including cookies, brownies, mints, and gummies. Try smaller forms of edibles like gummies when dosing for the first time. Check your edible for the THC amount before consumption.

Start with 1.5 milligrams of THC for your first dose. Cut your edible into halves or fourths when you first start.

THC will take longer to enter your bloodstream with this method. The time it takes to feel the effects will depend on your dosage and stomach contents.

You may not feel the onset of THC effects for 90 to 120 minutes. Cannabis effects peak between 2 and 3 hours.

Keep in mind that the effects of edibles last much longer than smoking or vaping. You may experience the effects anywhere from 4 to 12 hours after consumption.

Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are cannabis in liquid form, usually dissolved into alcohol or oil. You absorb tinctures through the sublingual glands by placing them under your tongue.

THC absorbs into the bloodstream faster when taken sublingually. You will experience the onset of effects within 15 to 30 minutes. Assess how you feel then, and take another dose as needed.

Tinctures usually take higher amounts to see symptom relief, but start small. Take 0.25 milliliters of cannabis tincture for your first dose. This should equate to about 4 or 5 drops.

This form of cannabis is easier to measure than edibles or vapes, so it’s a good choice for first-time users. Always read the packaging of your cannabis tincture for accurate dosing.

Cannabis in Ohio

Cannabis is legal for medicinal purposes in Ohio. You can buy cannabis at Ohio dispensaries if you have a medical marijuana license.

If you want to use cannabis for a health condition, you may qualify for a medical marijuana license. Almost 150,000 people currently have a medical marijuana license in Ohio, and you can too.

Get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Taking the right cannabis dose is the best way to reach your desired outcome and stay safe. Now that you know the proper cannabis doses, follow the legal steps to buy your cannabis.

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