Renewing Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Have questions about renewing your Ohio medical marijuana card? Start here and see the Releaf Health difference!

If you’re a medical marijuana patient in Ohio, staying on top of your renewing your Ohio medical marijuana card registration is easy with Releaf Health Clinc. It’s your life-line to getting access to the certified cannabis you need to stay healthy. Just like you wouldn’t want to let your current passport or driver’s license expire before renewing it, your medical marijuana card is the same. It’s much simpler to stay on top of your registration and renew before it expires instead of doing it after the fact. 

Renewing Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

At Releaf Health Clinic, we do our best to make renewing your card as simple and straightforward as possible. We also keep track of your important renewal dates so you don’t miss a beat. What does it look like when you choose to renew your MM card with Releaf Health? What do you need to know? Let’s dive in so you’ll be prepared and well ahead of the game. 

  1. Find out when your ‘doctor recommendation’ expires – When it comes to renewing your Ohio MM card, the first thing you need to know is the date your ‘doctor recommendation’ expires. It’s essentially the most critical date regarding renewing your card and allowing you to purchase cannabis at an Ohio dispensary. When you consulted with a certified MM physician, your doctor’s recommendation date verified you have an approved medical condition, and they registered you with Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program (MMCP). A patient’s recommendation expires one year from the date it was issued. 

The second date on a patient’s MM card is the Ohio medical marijuana registration expiration date. This date is always the last day of the month the MM card was issued. This date is considered secondary importance because everything regarding a patient’s status in the MMCP relates to having an active doctor recommendation.

  1. You can renew your recommendation 45 days prior – At Releaf Health Clinic, we’re committed to making sure the renewal process is simple, and that you have an excellent patient experience. That’s why we email our patients about two months before their recommendation expiries so they can schedule a renewal appointment. Patients can renew their new license within 45 days of their previous year’s doctor recommendation expiring. How do you find out when your recommendation expires? You can find the date on your MM card, go to Ohio’s MMCP website and log in to your account. 
  2. Set up a renewal appointment – For current patients, once you’ve set up a renewal appointment with Releaf Health, our staff has access to your medical records, so the doctor has everything they need to make your recommendation for the coming year. For patients new to our office who are renewing their card, please speak with our staff about making medical records available for your appointment. After your consultation, our physicians will again register you with the MMCP system, and you’ll receive an email notifying you that your recommendation status is active. 
  3. Finish your registration with Ohio MMCP online – After your renewal appointment is complete, patients need to finish the re-registration with the state online. At that time, patients log onto their MMCP account, select Renew Card and pay the $50 or $25 registration fee for the upcoming year. At that point, you should be all set! Once renewed and re-registered, the recommendation date now shifts one year from the new issue date. 
  4. Consider advantages in staying with the same office – As we highlighted earlier, at Releaf Health Clinic, we feel that patients benefit greatly from staying with the same certified medical marijuana physician or office. That’s because our certified physicians have patients’ medical records on file, and they take great care to understand medical histories and patient needs. Our highly-trained staff is also friendly, and they are experts in navigating Ohio’s medical marijuana program and patient registration process. 

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In short, if you’re looking to continue your participation in Ohio’s MM program, the first step is to schedule your renewal appointment before your recommendation expires. After you set up a renewal appointment, our team will walk you through the process. At Releaf Health, we’re offering $25 off customers’ first renewal with us to show our loyalty and $50 off the second year. Don’t forget we also offer telemedicine renewal appointments! It’s a fast, convenient, and secure way to get your medical marijuana card up-to-date. Schedule your appointment today