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Ohio Recently Pulled a Lottery for 73 New Dispensaries

When the Medical Marijuana Control Program launched in 2018, there were 57 dispensary licenses issued. These dispensaries for marijuana in Ohio are strictly for medical purposes. 

That hasn’t changed the large demand for availability across the state. The state has recognized this demand and is working towards new dispensaries. 

Are you wondering when the availability will increase for medical marijuana in Ohio? Read on to learn more about the 73 new dispensaries coming soon.

Who Oversees Marijuana Cultivation in Ohio?

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program oversees both medical marijuana laws and medical marijuana in Ohio. They monitor the licensed locations and establish guidelines for distribution throughout the state. 

As the state considers the 73 new dispensaries, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program and the Board of Pharmacy will review the applications and decide who gets the new licenses.

The Ohio Department of Commerce oversees the actual cultivation of marijuana in Ohio. They dictate how much a licensed cultivator can grow in the state. 

There are both Level I and Level II designations. Level I growers can cultivate in an area of up to 25,000 square feet. While a Level II grower can cultivate in an area of up to 3,000 square feet. 

Like the dispensaries, if they want to expand their area, they must follow the guidelines for application through the Ohio Department of Commerce.

New License Timeline

The state has a pre-established plan for how many new dispensaries they’ll allow and how they will narrow down the applications. 

This process started in November 2021 when they received over 1,400 applications. Interestingly, the Ohio lottery took over and drew the provisional winners from the applications.

Once those were drawn, the state pharmacy board took over and began evaluating the provisional winners. They want to ensure that those awarded provisional licenses abide by the rules and regulations in place. 

The lottery board drew for the provisional licenses. This doesn’t mean that those businesses automatically can now open a new location. They must prove they follow the rules and regulations and lawfully run their business. 

Once they build out their location, which they can go ahead and do, then they will have an inspection by state auditors. Not only will they inspect the physical location, but they will also look at their advertising, security cameras, and other compliance-related requirements to be sure they are adequate.

There is no final date for opening. Instead, the board is working on those inspections. If a business doesn’t meet the standards put forth by the state, the provisional license will go to the next applicant drawn on the list. 

Marijuana Dispensaries By Geographic Region

The state was strategic in ensuring that the new dispensaries were spread throughout the state. They didn’t want a cluster of dispensaries in large cities, leaving other areas without access. 

Since someone who might be medically fragile would be unable to travel, they want to ensure access. For this reason, the state was divided into 31 dispensary districts, and applications were considered by region.

Options for Medical Marijuana in Ohio

The 73 new dispensaries are good news for the people of Ohio who have a medical marijuana license and need the marijuana to help treat a medical condition. If you’re looking for medical marijuana in Ohio, we can help. Contact our dispensary for a telehealth appointment today.