Does CBD Work? Here’s What New Research Says About Its Effectiveness

One of the most commonly asked questions about CBD is Does it work? Many will tell you that yes, it does. But word of mouth isn’t always enough. Often, people want research studies and human trials to back a claim. 

Fortunately, studies and continuing research indicate CBD effectively relieving symptoms for a wide range of ailments, from anxiety to arthritis. 

Studies Prove CBD Effectiveness

In the years since CBD has hit the scene and become legalized, many studies have been done looking at its effect on a variety of symptoms. 

Recently the nation’s largest brick and mortar CBD retailer, American Shaman, provided results for three studies proving the effectiveness of CBD. These studies looked at issues involving sleeplessness, pain management, IBS, chronic fatigue, ADHD symptoms, and the effects of CBD on liver function. 

What the CBD Research Says 

One of the most critical aspects of the results of these studies is that CBD has no ill effect on liver function. Rumor had people concerned that CBD would unsafely elevate liver function, thus preventing them from trying it and potentially finding an alternative natural remedy for their symptoms. 

The study “Observed Impact of Long-Term Consumption of Oral Cannabidiol on Liver Function of Healthy Adults” looked at the effect of CBD on adult liver function. This human study found that CBD did not affect liver function, which is safe for human consumption. 

The other studies released by American Shaman looked at a variety of conditions and CBDs’ impact on them. The study “Use of a Water-Soluble Form of Cannabinol for the Treatment of Sleeplessness” looked at the effect of water-soluble CBN (a compound of the hemp plant taken at a specific life stage) on sleep quality. 

For those with insomnia, sleep seems impossible. Some people may have even tried many different methods or sleep aids with little to no success. Lack of restful sleep eventually has a negative effect on our overall health. It leads to focus issues, irritability, weight gain, and more.

CBD offers a natural solution for people struggling to find restful sleep.

These human trials released by American Shaman discovered that the hemp compound in question markedly improved sleep length and quality. On top of that, participants were able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Overall, this leads to a more restful sleep. 

The final study released, “Nano Processed CBG/CBD: Effect on Pain, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue,” looked at the overall result of CBD on people with different chronic conditions. 

The studies showed that a combination of 5mg CBD and 15mg CBG (another hemp-derived compound) alleviated some discomfort associated with IBS for those with chronic pain. We’ve also seen similar results in human studies for arthritis, migraines, and musculoskeletal pain

The study also showed an improvement in cognitive function and attention in people with ADHD. This is important in further proving the efficacy of CBD in increasing focus and concentration—something not only important to those with ADHD but those suffering the effects of other chronic conditions that affect their cognitive function as well. 

Lastly, this study showed increased energy levels in those experiencing chronic fatigue. Like the results regarding focus and concentration, CBD also helps provide a sustainable, manageable amount of energy to those feeling fatigued. What’s great about this is that this energy lacks some of the negative “jitters” associated with stimulants like caffeine. 

“The results from these studies are striking. They demonstrate the safety of CBD, and specifically how little CBD is needed to produce significant effects when nano-treated CBD is used.” – Dr. Robert Kaufmann, primary author and designer of all three studies.

As always, more studies need to be done further to prove the efficacy of CBD for different conditions. More studies with proven results mean more reliability and better industry standards. 

But without a doubt, research is steadily showing that CBD is safe to use and effective at mediating symptoms from some of the most stubborn and common ailments people face. It’s proving to be an excellent alternative for those looking to avoid traditional methods of symptom management, all with minimal side effects when taken correctly. 

If you’re new to taking CBD, be sure to talk to a professional about what other medications you may be taking first. If you want to learn more about CBD or find out if it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with us! Our experienced team can help you find the proper dosage and method for you. 

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