CBD for Insomnia

How Taking CBD for Insomnia Can Help You Sleep

Some methods of treating insomnia include light therapy, and often, medication. The downside to some sleep medications is that they can be addictive and may have unwanted side effects. So, getting a good night’s sleep has a cost. 

Fortunately, there are natural alternative medicines, like CBD, which can help sleep without unpleasant side effects or addictive chemicals. 

Why Take CBD for Insomnia?

A lack of sleep is not only frustrating, but it also has effects on your overall health. Those who suffer from insomnia experience irritability, depression, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. As you can imagine, this then can affect work and school performance and social relationships. 

The National Sleep Foundation reports between 50 to 70 million Americans struggle to get enough sleep. And 10 to 15% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia. Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the country has seen an increase in cannabis sales for sleep aid.

As mentioned above, taking prescription sleep aids often comes with a price, namely, side effects and addiction risk. CBD presents neither of those. Since CBD lacks THC, there are no mental effects or highs from taking it. 

How taking CBD for insomnia can help you sleep

Instead, it helps maintain your body’s balance and stability. We know it helps relax the body, both mentally and physically. It’s often used for ailments like anxiety and relief from various conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and more.

So, CBD can help you relax and get in the right state of mind for sleep without mental fog, nausea, or other unwanted effects. It can also help provide natural pain relief, making it easier to sleep if pain or issues like restless leg syndrome are factors in your insomnia.

Although more studies need to be done for a widespread definitive agreement that CBD works as a sleep aid, current studies show that it helps. One study had 72 participants, with some experiencing anxiety and others just poor sleep in general. Participants were given a 25mg CBD capsule to take before bed. Within the first month, over 65% of participants said they had some improvement in their sleep. Over 70% reported an anxiety reduction. 

Which CBD Format is Best for Insomnia?

You can take CBD in various ways, including oils, tablets, gummies, and lotions. When it comes to using CBD for insomnia, you have options depending on what may be causing your sleep troubles. Knowing what’s causing your insomnia is an essential first step. Is it stress? Anxiety? Stimulating side effects from other medications? Chronic pain? Consider the cause first.

For instance, if physical pain is a significant disruptor in your sleep, applying a lotion directly to the area in question could help bring the relief you need to settle your mind and body. You can also take oils, tablets, and gummies for physical pain and restless leg syndrome. 

If your troubles stem from stress, depression, anxiety, or other medications, you can add some of the oral options to your nighttime routine. You might add some oil to your nighttime glass of water, take a gummy before laying down, or take a capsule before lights out. 

How to Get CBD for Insomnia

CBD is widely available over-the-counter. You can purchase products easily and securely online, which is excellent for social distancing and general convenience. We recommend gummies and oils for the best results when it comes to getting better sleep. You’re also welcome to chat with us more about CBD and how it might help improve your sleep. 

CBD for Insomnia Hemp Extract Oil 350mg Natural

For those curious about medical marijuana for insomnia (which contains THC), it’s not currently on the list of approved conditions in Ohio to be treated with medical marijuana. However, if your insomnia is a comorbid condition accompanying one of the 22 approved conditions, you may be able to get sleep benefits from medical marijuana. 

You can read more about getting an Ohio medical marijuana card here

It’s up to your preference how you take CBD for your insomnia. If you are new to CBD, it may be beneficial to try a few different methods and see which one works best for you. It’s also important to consult your physician to see if CBD is a good option for you to try. 

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