Why Buy CBD? 4 Reasons People Purchase CBD

There are many reasons people turn to CBD for use in their everyday lives. While we often talk about the benefits of CBD when it comes to pain relief and chronic illnesses, that’s not the only reason people buy it. 

CBD is a good option for those simply looking to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated, too. It’s also beneficial for those looking to improve sleep quality and even their pet’s quality of life. 

Let’s dive into some of these reasons why people might buy CBD. 

CBD for Relaxation

It’s common for most people to feel stressed about work or balancing their personal lives. It’s led to extensive public talks about self-care and how best to find relaxation.

That’s why many turn to CBD. It’s a natural remedy that helps people achieve the peacefulness they’re looking for. CBD works by binding to certain receptors in the brain and activating neurotransmitters responsible for reduced inflammation and relaxation.

Many people use CBD for anxiety. Whether it’s chronic or situational anxiety, CBD can help foster a sense of relaxation. And since CBD doesn’t produce the high associated with THC, people often find CBD useful for calming their mind at any time, even at work. 

People report that taking CBD helps boost or level out their mood, aiding in general relaxation. When CBD binds to receptors in the brain, it also affects serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for mood stabilization. 

But CBD isn’t exclusive for a time when you’re experiencing lots of anxiety. You can still use it when you just want to feel a little bit more zen.

We suggest these Lavender & Rose Bath Salts that help melt tension and promote relaxation. If baths aren’t your thing, a classic oil or gummy will also work! 

CBD for Rejuvenation

In addition to buying CBD for relaxation, people also buy it for rejuvenation, both inside and out. 

Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s often used in skincare. Some people see a reduction in acne when using CBD oil. 

Some studies show that CBD oil prevented sebaceous glands from producing excess oil (a common factor in what causes acne) and prevented the acne-causing inflammatory cytokines from being activated. The result? Calmer skin with reduced acne activity. 

Of course, CBD is not exclusive for use only with acne. It can also calm skin that generally experiences redness and inflammation. We recommend this Luxury Hydrating CBD Face Oil for reduced redness, softer skin, hydration, and reduced irritation. For the rest of the body, we suggest this Broad Spectrum CBD Extract Body & Massage Oil.

CBD can also have internal rejuvenating benefits when it comes to heart and gut health. Some studies show that CBD may help with preventing high blood pressure. Maintaining healthy blood pressure is essential since high blood pressure can lead to serious health conditions like heart attacks and strokes. 

In addition to helping manage stress and anxiety, which can play a role in increased blood pressure, studies indicate that CBD can also reduce inflammation associated with heart disease.

It can also help reduce gut inflammation and promote regular movements when taken in a fiber supplement like this one.

In short, CBD can potentially play a role in maintaining a happy heart, in addition to happy skin, and promoting other beneficial organ functions. 

CBD for Better Sleep

You don’t necessarily have to have chronic insomnia to benefit from taking CBD for sleep. Of course, CBD has been shown to be beneficial in helping insomniacs, but it’s also beneficial to those who just want a more restful night’s sleep. 

It’s natural for our sleep patterns to be disturbed if we’re experiencing particularly high stress and anxiety in our day. Perhaps you have a big presentation coming up at work or are studying for an important exam.

Traditional sleeping aids are known for their groggy effects, preventing many people from taking them. CBD, fortunately, doesn’t have that effect. Instead, it creates a more peaceful sense of relaxation that promotes restfulness rather than grogginess. 

It can help calm involuntary movements like restless legs and aid in reducing racing thoughts at bedtime. Participants of one study reported improved sleep when taking CBD before bedtime, with 65% reporting some improvement in sleep overall and 70% reporting overall reduced anxiety.

Our favorite way to take CBD before bed is with these Delta 8 Gummies (300mg). Just chew and feel the relaxation within 1 hour! 

CBD for Happier Pets

Pets are part of the family. But unfortunately, they can’t talk. And sometimes, we find out the hard way that they suffer from anxiety or struggle with arthritis. 

While CBD is not necessarily a treatment for pet issues, it can help alleviate symptoms so your pet can live a happier life. Just like in humans, CBD has been shown to be effective at reducing anxiety in pets.

Not only does it calm them, but it helps put them in a better state of mind for behavioral training to combat negative, anxious behaviors. With this, these training exercises can be more effective. 

It may also help elderly pets who might experience discomfort from arthritis. Since CBD is anti-inflammatory, it can help reduce some of the persistent symptoms of arthritis. 

There’s also potential for CBD to help reduce the frequency of seizures in pets who suffer from them. One study reported that dogs are given CBD for episodes vs. placebo showed less frequent and less severe convulsions. 

Our favorite for pets is this CBD Extract Oil, which you can drop under your pet’s tongue. 

If you’re new to taking CBD, talk to a professional to learn if it’s right for you and what an ideal dosage might be. Schedule a consultation with us, and our experienced team can help you discover what’s best for you! 

Also, be sure to check out our online CBD store. We stock various CBD products—all 3rd party approved for quality and efficacy. 

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