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Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Payment Plan

All consultations are done via telemedicine.

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At Releaf Health, we believe you should not have to wait to head to the dispensary and get the help you need. We help you by offering an Ohio medical marijuana card payment plan.

If you are a new patient and cannot afford the entire up-front cost of seeing the doctor, please let us know and we can help. We simply breakdown the total cost into three separate payments throughout the year to make it more affordable for those who are on a fixed income or are experiencing financial hardship.

Note: We offer payment plans on renewals. The Veteran discount still applies.

Dr. Amish Oza


Dr. Amish Oza is a Board Certified Family physician with extensive experience in treating a variety of chronic medical conditions. His clinical interests include hospital medicine, critical care, addiction medicine and geriatric medicine.

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Do you qualify for an Ohio medical marijuana card?

You may be eligible for a medical marijuana recommendation if you suffer from any of the following conditions:

If you qualify with any of the conditions listed above, call or text us (614-437-8382) to schedule an appointment with one of our certified physicians. With our recommendation, you will have access to any Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries.


Frequently Asked Questions – Telemedicine

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine means that all appointments are currently being done virtually over the phone. Our doctors will text a link to your smartphone once they’re ready for you. Simply tap the link to enter the video call! There is NO need to download any additional apps or software to your phone.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

While our doctors prefer to see you face to face, we can arrange for a traditional phone call as needed on a case by case basis.

How do I get my medical records over before the appointment?

You or your physician can fax your qualifying condition(s) directly to us at (614) 388-9344. Many patients also have online access to their records. There are a number of ways to submit your records. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please feel free to call or text us at (614) 437-8382!

How do I pay for the telemedicine appointment?

We will email you an invoice for your consultation fee by the morning of your scheduled appointment. This fee is 100% refundable if the doctors are not able to qualify you for whatever reason. ALL invoices must be paid prior to the appointment time in order to confirm your appointment. If you have any trouble paying online, please notify us by calling or texting (614) 437-8382 and we will be happy to assist in payment over the phone.

How do I pay for the state activation fee?

Once you have been approved and registered by one of our doctors, you will receive automated emails from the state prompting you to create a password for your account. There will be a red button that says ACTIVATE CARD. Click this button to enter in your credit card and billing information. Once paid, a digital version of your card will be available in your patient profile to PRINT or DOWNLOAD. The state of Ohio does NOT mail out any physical cards, and the majority of patients simply save a photo of their MMJ card to their phone.

If you are a RENEWING patient, we will email you instructions prompting you to log into your account to pay the annual state fee in order to download a renewed version of your MMJ card.

I don’t have a smartphone or a computer, can you help me?

We can do assisted registration for an additional $50 fee for new patients, and $25 fee for renewing patients. This will include us creating an email address for you, creating a patient profile in the Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry, assistance in paying your $50 state fee, and printing out your MMJ card and mailing it to you. You will still be responsible for submitting your medical records and Ohio ID in order to qualify.

How soon will I receive my medical marijuana (MMJ) card?

Once you have been approved, the doctor will register you online after your appointment. You will receive email instructions on how to complete the registration process by paying an annual state fee. Once this fee has been paid, your card will be available to print or download right away. This process can all be done in the same day. The state of Ohio does NOT mail out any physical cards.

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