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All consultations are done via telemedicine.

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Telemedicine FAQ’s

$75 payment plans available to those who qualify’.


What is Telemedicine? How does it work?

Telemedicine allows patients to be seen by a doctor via videoconference from the comfort of their own home. It can be done via a Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop/Computer.

Around the time of your appointment, our doctors will send you a link. All you have to do is click on the link and you will enter a virtual waiting room. Once the doctor is ready, they will start the video conference and you will begin the consultation. Just like a waiting room in an actual office, but instead you talk via a video chat.

I am not good with technology, is this easy to do?

Our Telemedicine system is very simple and the patients who have used it so far have found it very simple to use.

We also have a team dedicated to helping you if you happen to have any difficulties setting up the telemedicine appointment.

Can I have a family member or friend help?

Absolutely. Just keep in mind that your medical history may be discussed so you may want to ask them to leave after you get set up if you don’t want them to know certain things.

How do I get my medical records over to you for the appointment?

Our Releaf Health team will send you an email detailing everything you need to know and will need to do before, during, and after the appointment. We can also call you and explain everything as well. We have simplified the process in order for you to get your Medical Marijuana Card as quickly as possible.

How do I pay for the telemedicine appointment?

After your medical marijuana consultation is completed, we will send you an invoice to your email. Simply click on ‘pay invoice’ and enter in your credit or debit card information.

We will be notified as soon as your payment is made and will register you for your medical marijuana card right away.

How soon will I receive my Medical Marijuana Card?

Once the consultation is over and you have paid the invoice, we will register you right away. You will receive an email from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program that will allow you to activate and receive your card. You can follow the steps in the ‘registration packet’ that we will send, or you can call us, and we will gladly walk you through the process.

Will I receive a Medical Marijuana Card in the mail?

There are plenty of ways to get your card. You can download it and save it to your phone as a picture. You can screenshot it on your phone. You can print it out at home. You can show them your card on your phone at the dispensary and they can print one out and laminate it.

Or, if you would like, we can print one out and mail it to you.

Dispensaries will take a printed copy or a digital copy. Just make sure you print your ID with you when you go.

Medical Marijuana Program FAQ’s

In order to understand the program most effectively, we have broken it down into 4 sections.

  1. Before the Appointment
  2. During the Appointment
  3. After the Appointment
  4. What else should I know?

Before the Appointment

How do I qualify for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card?

In order to qualify, you will need to have been diagnosed with one of the 21 qualifying condition in the state of Ohio. You can find the conditions LOCATED HERE on our website.

I have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions, how can I show you?

We will need to obtain your medical records from your Primary Care Physician or Specialized Physician. Please call us at 614-437-8382 and we can help walk you through the process

Now that I know I qualify, and you have my records, what next?

Schedule a time with one of our trusted physicians. You can do that ONLINE HERE or you can call/text us at 614-437-8382 to schedule. We have appointments available 5 days a week!

How much does this cost?

Prices vary from new patients to renewals. We also offer discounts for veterans and have payment plans available. Please call us to discuss at 614-437-8382.

During the appointment

It is day of my appointment, what should I bring?

In-Office Visit: Bring a copy of medical records, your ID, and a form of payment for the visit (cash or debit/credit card).

Telemedicine: We should have already obtained your ID, medical records (or authorization form), and now you will just need to have your smartphone or Laptop ready

It is time to see the doctor, what can I expect?

In-Office Visit: The physician will have reviewed your medical records and will be discussing how medical marijuana works and fits within your current medical plan. If you have any medical questions, now is the time to ask. After the consultation, the doctor will escort you to the front where our staff will explain the last part of the process.

Telemedicine: You will receive a text message or email with a link to your appointment. By clicking on this link, it will take you to a virtual waiting room. When the doctor is ready, they will begin the video conference and consultation. They will discuss your medical history and how Medical Marijuana can benefit you.

The consultation is over, what now?

In-office visit: The doctor will escort you up to the front of the office and our staff will explain the reminder of the process.

Telemedicine: The doctor will let you know that our staff will reach out and they will end the video conference

After the Appointment

I am all finished, how do I pay?

In-office: The doctor will escort you up to the front and our staff will take care of you from there. We accept cash and debit/credit card as a form of payment.

Telemedicine: We will send you an invoice via email for your doctor’s visit. Simply click on the secure ‘pay invoice’ button and enter your card details. We are immediately notified when you have finished. If you wish to provide us your card number over the phone, feel free to call us at 614-437-8382.

I have paid for the doctor’s visit; now how do I get my card?

3 Easy Steps

Step 1:
In-office and Telemedicine: We will register you with the Medical Marijuana Control Program and you will receive an email from the state with the link to activate and retrieve your card.

Step 2:
In-office and Telemedicine: Follow the steps outlined in the ‘register packet’ that was provided prior to the appointment. You will setup a password and pay the state registration fee to activate your card online.

Step 3:
In-office and Telemedicine: You can download the card as a picture to your phone. You can screenshot it and save it to your phone. You can print it out. We can print one out for you or you can have the dispensary print one out and laminate it for you as well.

Can I now to go to the dispensary?
You most certainly can! It will provide you access to any dispensary in Ohio. Keep in mind, there are limits to how much you can purchase as one time.


Can I now to go to the dispensary?

Schedule a time with one of our trusted physicians. You can do that ONLINE HERE or you can call/text us at 614-437-8382 to schedule. We have appointments available 5 days a week!

What else do I need to know?

How often do I need to renew my card?

There are two things you will need to renew every year.

  1. You will have to see the physician once a year to renew your prescription.
  2. You will need to renew your actual card (the state registration fee)
I am a Veteran, is there a discount?

Absolutely. There are 3 discounts you will receive if you are able to provide proper documentation.

  1. A discount on the physician’s visit with Releaf Health
  2. A discount on the state registration fee
  3. Dispensaries often have ongoing discounts. You will have to call and check with each individual one in order to know how much and when the discount is offered.
I am on a fixed income, is there a discount?

Absolutely. You will receive a discount on the state registration fee and certain dispensaries have ongoing discounts or one-time discounts. You will have to check with each individual dispensary and find out how much and when.

How much am I allowed to buy?

Dispensaries are trained on how to best explain this to patients, however, you can read over the guidelines set forth by the State BY CLICKING HERE

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