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9 Health Benefits of CBD Oil Supported by Science

Some people are hesitant about CBD as natural alternative medicine because, in the beginning, there weren’t as many scientifically-backed studies to prove the benefits of CBD oil. Now, however, we have more and more studies dedicated to proving the effectiveness of CBD oil for a range of ailments.  Speaking of science, let’s quickly review how […]

What Does the Future Look Like for Medical Marijuana in the Workplace?

Historically, many workplaces have had strict policies prohibiting marijuana accommodation in employees, even with medical marijuana prescriptions.  Those who would otherwise benefit from using medical marijuana to manage chronic issues worry about discrimination. Or even that they wouldn’t be able to get a job, they are highly qualified because of their alternative methods for managing […]

What Types of Pain Does CBD Help With?

CBD oil helps with many ailments. It can be beneficial for pain management. Almost 20% of American adults suffer from some type of chronic pain. From diseases to unexpected injuries, CBD oil can help people manage pain caused by various conditions.  While conventional over-the-counter and prescribed pain medications can work, CBD oil offers a natural, […]

CBD for Anxiety: Does it Help and What Do Studies Say?

CBD is known as a source of natural pain relief for many ailments. In addition to physical conditions, many are interested in using CBD for chronic mental health issues, too. Most often, the interest in CBD for mental health lies in treating anxiety.  But does it work for anxiety, and is there any proof? Many […]

CBD Industry Growth: What We Can Expect in 2021

In the few short years since CBD’s federal legalization, we’ve seen a roller-coaster of a story around hemp-derived remedies. From new brands and products cropping up everywhere, farmers producing hemp in mass, and national retailers discussing new CBD lines to failure, bankruptcy, and back again. Much has changed since then, though. So what does the […]

Could We See a CBD Federal Enforcement Policy from the FDA in 2021?

With a new presidency comes new policy. Now that Biden is in office, many are hoping to see change surrounding CBD and hemp regulations. Namely, through the FDA’s Cannabidiol Enforcement Policy Draft Guidance, which has been sitting in the queue for review since July 2020.  Although we don’t know exactly what recommendation the document has, […]

Is CBD a Good Choice for Treating Inflammation? (What to Consider)

Is CBD a Good Choice for Treating Inflammation? (What to Consider)

Is CBD a good choice for treating inflammation? Not only is CBD great for helping with less real struggles like anxiety, but it also helps with physical ailments too. Inflammation is a symptom of many conditions across the board, from arthritis to asthma. It’s also often a painful symptom. Fortunately, the natural pain relief provided […]

What Forms of MM are Legal? Read On, Friends.

What Forms of MM are Legal? Read On, Friends.

For those new to medical marijuana in Ohio, welcome! Working with your doctor, you may be on your ideal path to treating chronic conditions and living your healthiest life possible. Patients report many benefits of medical marijuana, from treating chronic inflammation and relieving insomnia to reducing many cancer-related severe symptoms, such as nausea and chronic […]

New year, new you! Is now the time to try CBD oil?

New year, new you! Is now the time to try CBD oil?

It seems like you can’t listen to a podcast or go to your vet’s office these days without hearing about products containing cannabidiol, also known as CBD. CBD is pervasive, and it comes in so many different forms – tinctures, lotions, salves, drinks, chewable gummies, the list goes on.  Even though CBD oil is all […]