Can You Give CBD to Pets?

Can You Give CBD to Pets? Here’s What You Need to Know

Pets bring joy to our lives and have been shown to help with anxiety and chronic illness. However, our furry friends can experience anxiety and other conditions of their own. Can You Give CBD to Pets? The good news is, you can help your furry friend find some peace and comfort with CBD. Studies show that CBD effectively reduces anxiety, manages pain, easing seizures, and aiding digestion in pets.

Is CBD Safe for Pets? Can You Give CBD to Pets?

In addition to potentially causing messes around your house, it’s heartbreaking to see your pet in distress. Whether it’s separation anxiety or chronic arthritis, one thing rings true: you want your pet to be happy and comfortable. Purchasing synthetic chemicals from your vet to treat your pet’s symptoms can get pretty pricey, in addition to extensive testing to diagnose the issue in the first place. And some pet parents may be concerned with not knowing what exactly they’re giving their furbaby. Fortunately, CBD is a natural alternative medicine that works much the same in cats and dogs as it does in humans. Their livers have the same endocannabinoid mechanism as humans, meaning they can safely digest CBD and reap the benefits. While similar, CBD products made for animals vary slightly from those made for humans. These products are made explicitly with hemp since it’s a non-psychedelic cannabis plant. No bad trips for Fido!

What Ailments Does CBD Help Treat in Pets?

CBD pet products help treat seizures, arthritis, digestive issues, and anxiety in cats, dogs, and other pets. While it’s important to remember that CBD products are not necessarily a cure for these issues, they can help alleviate some of the more severe symptoms and improve the quality of life for you and your pet. With ailments like anxiety, CBD can help pave the way for future behavioral treatment by calming your pet down enough for behavioral exercises to be effective. And nowadays, you don’t have to do many calculations using CBD dosages and your animal’s weight. CBD pet products like treats, oils, and vitamins are ready-to-use. 

Can You Give CBD to Pets?

Which CBD Product Should I Give My Pet?

Depending on your pet’s issue(s) and what you’re comfortable with giving to your pet. You can provide many CBD products to your pet, and after trial and error, you may even find that one method works better for you than another. 

  • CBD Treats–  CBD treats are a great all-around option to help with pain management, seizures, stomach issues, and anxiety. Plus, they’re tasty, so your pet will enjoy eating them. Treats are also the least invasive way to administer CBD to your pet since you won’t have to go through the trouble of making them swallow pills or putting anything under their tongue. 
  • CBD OilLike CBD treats, CBD oil is good for general purposes. The only difference is giving your pet CBD oil, and you’ll need to administer the drops under their tongue. Depending on your pet’s comfort level with this, it could be tricky. But many pet parents have used CBD oil on their pet and sing praises for how well it works.
  • CBD ShampooCBD shampoo is a good option if your pet suffers physical symptoms like skin or joint issues. CBD pet shampoo has a calming scent and brings natural pain relief to skin and joints once it sinks in. Plus, you’re pretty much killing two birds with one stone: your pet gets squeaky clean, and they also bring relief.
  • CBD CapsulesMost pet parents are no stranger to giving their pet pills of some sort. Again, depending on your pet’s fussiness, this can range from an arduous task to a mildly inconvenient one.  The good news about CBD pet capsules is that some of them come with flavors, so your pet will be less turned off by it. You can use your usual method of hiding it in food or flinging it right down.  

All of these options provide soothing and relaxing results for your pet. It’s merely a matter of what’s best for your situation.

Do I Need to Talk to My Vet About Using CBD on My Pet?

As with any treatment or concern for your animals, it’s always good to get a professional opinion. Your vet can weigh in on what method or product might be best for your pet and how often to administer it. Different vets may have different views on giving CBD to pets, so in the end, you’ll need to consider their opinion, your thoughts, and the extent of your pet’s symptoms. 

CBD can significantly benefit your pet, especially if they suffer the not-so-fun symptoms of chronic issues like anxiety, arthritis, and epilepsy. Giving your pet CBD can help bring them natural pain relief and also bring you relief from seeing them struggle, so you can both live a more comfortable life.

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